I believe that every woman deserves an elegant wardrobe. My bespoke women's wear ensures timeless style, as well as practicality and comfort, for both work and events. I use the same cloths for our women's wear as we do for our men's wear, and see no reason that the quality should differ in any garments created. 

I am happy to meet a client at their workplace or home for a style consultation. If the client is looking for a suit, then I will go through the same system as outlined in out Bespoke Suit section. If the client is looking for something else, perhaps a dress for an occasion, then I will take additional fabrics and trimmings along to the consultation. Designs and previous examples of relevant pieces are available upon request, and a design will be drafted with the client to ensure they are pleased with the aesthetic of their custom piece. 

I may do a Toile fitting at the first fitting. This is a fitting to clarify fit and structure, where a mock-up is made of the garment from a cotton that has similar properties to that of the chosen garment cloth. Any modifications can be made to the design at this point, and the client can specify any other additions as well. Each client has a pattern cut specifically to their measurements and design choice.

The next step is the construction of the garment. This will involve many hours of skilled craftsmanship and communication with the client. Any embroidery or other style features desired can also be applied for a truly unique piece.

At the end of the process, a final fitting will be performed to ensure that the client is happy with every detail.

The limit of what can be created lies in the client's imagination. The skilled team at Niklas Von Mehren are able to create any garment desired for any occasion or occupation, with truly unique styling. Please contact me for more information, or to arrange a consultation.


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