My Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans are a true testament to the traditions of Denim Weaving in Japan.  

Japan started creating Selvedge Denim in 1972, and despite only being a recent phenomenon it has taken the luxury denim world by storm. They have been loyal to the techniques used at the inception of their denim manufacturing by continuing to use the original Toyota Selvedge Looms, and using all-natural indigo dye.

The final product is denim that adapts to your lifestyle, and is durable enough to survive almost anything thrown at it. My Jeans are made with the same care and attention that Japanese Denim Mills apply when creating their beautiful denim.

All of my Jeans include a hand stamped Leather patch on the back, and a certificate of authenticity with a unique number.

As part of my dedication to renewability, I offer repairs on all of my jeans, for damage caused for any reason. I also want to give my customers the option to trade in an old pair of jeans to receive 20% off a new pair. 

All of my Jeans are bespoke, giving customers the chance to choose every detail, from the colour of the denim and topstitching thread to the overall fit of the jeans. For more details about my denim products, please contact us.


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