My Savile Row training and experience alongside my customer-oriented vision has allowed me to create a truly unique bespoke service. My tailors are happy to go my client's home or workplace for every meeting, or they may come to my workshop in the historic Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Initially, I will meet with the client for a consultation. I will ascertain the purpose of the suit, as well as ask the client to describe their desired sartorial image. I will bring samples of cloth, as well as buttons and lining for the client to look through, and together we will design the perfect suit.

The next step takes place in my workshop, where I will begin the tailoring process. I will use the information from the consultation to begin creating the client's garments. Each client has a pattern cut for them to ensure that the garment is made exactly to their size and figuration.  

After the suit has been basted together, I will perform a skeleton fitting to allow for any fitting issues and ensure that the client is happy with all style features.

After the client is satisfied with any alterations to be made, the garment will be taken back to the workshop, any changes will be applied and the garment will be progressed to prepare for an advanced fitting. At the advanced fitting, the suit is almost finished and will give the client an idea of the finished garment. Any final changes are made at this point, and every detail will be considered. 

The suit is then finished, with all buttonholes and top-stitching created by hand with silk thread, and given a final pressing to ensure that the shape of the canvas and cloth perfectly mimics and compliments the client's body. Every tiny detail then comes together to create the perfect suit for the client.

I will then deliver the suit to the client, and ensure that they are happy with every detail.

Each suit typically takes around 100 hours of skilled craftsmanship to create, and our tailoring cloths are from the prestigious cloth house Holland and Sherry. 

A Niklas Von Mehren suit starts at £1000, with variations based on cloth choice, finished and style. There is a 50% deposit on all suits. I am very happy to discuss costs at a consultation, and am able to find cloth to match. All of my suits come with a certificate of authenticity, as well as an individual number, which will be useful if a client wishes to use a garment as a reference for additional garments or alterations at a later date. Please email me if you have any enquiries, or would like more information about our bespoke suits.


Niklas Von Mehren,
Suite 9/10 

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